Geopolitics, Climate and Corporate Intelligence

Merlin Linehan

is a specialist in geopolitics, global risk, crisis management and business resilience with a particular interest in how climate change is transforming the global landscape.

He is regular presenter, writer and commentator who explains how global trends impact organisations and how they can effectively respond.

Merlin has extensive experience working across sustainable finance, risk management and business intelligence primarily at the European Bank for Recontruction & Development (EBRD).

I have been featured in the BBC, Global Capital and the Financial Times and many other media outlets.

Corporate Investigations and Intelligence Work

A leading European Telecoms firms were concerned about the market entry of a rival to a key African market. I was commissioned to investigate the likelihood and risk that the rival would use underhand methods to secure market entry.

The investigation drew on human source collection due to the lack of open source information. The client was able to anticipate future business exposure and make strategic decisions based on the information.

Geopolitical Analysis

A London based investment boutique commissioned a report into the intentions and activities of a Chinese sports investment company in Europe. I provided an overview of their intentions and actions in the wider geopolitcal context.

Global Risk Outlook

Global risks can no longer be seen in isolation. Great power competition, climate risks, digitisation, social and economic change all now overlap and all threaten business, individuals and society.

Understanding the complexity and dynamics of global risks as the world shifts to the climate economy should be a priority for all multinational firms.

Business disruptions from climate chaos such as extreme heat and weather events will increase in severity and frequency as the world warms. The ability of governments and businesses to manage these changes will help define geopolitical risk in the years to come.

The journey to a zero carbon world in order to mitigate climate change driven by governments, individuals and shareholders will create unprecedented demand for low and zero carbon products.

Much of this demand will be met by the emerging climate tech sector. The expansion of the climate tech sector over the next decade is likely to rival that of Social Media.

To get in touch or learn more please get in touch at merlin@rising-powers.com

I currently work at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Risk Management Department in Crisis management and business resilience. This site is my own views.

Previous to working in Risk Management I worked in sustainable finance and financial institutions investment across emerging markets for over a decade.

In addition I have experience in scenario planning, political risk analysis, business intelligence.

My older website covering emerging markets and China’s global role can be found here: rising-powers.com

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