The Machine Learning Revolution: How it can be used in the fight against Climate change

2020 was a devastating year for flooding across Africa. The Nile rose to its highest levels in half a century and Ethiopia and Sudan saw large areas swamped with water devastating farms and rural areas. Many African cities are ill prepared for natural disasters and with the continent’s urban population rising fast floods will increasingly … Continue reading “The Machine Learning Revolution: How it can be used in the fight against Climate change”

When Technology and Political Collide: How to Manage Geotechnology Risk

Geotechnology issues are a growing global risk for multinationals. I examine what does geotechnology risk entail and how can it be managed effectively. In 2020 the UK ordered the removal of all Huawei infrastructure across the country by 2027 . Initially the UK had welcomed Huawei’s investment, but warnings from parliament, the intelligence services and … Continue reading “When Technology and Political Collide: How to Manage Geotechnology Risk”

How Risk, Regulation and Technology are Forging a New Climate Economy

The convergence of key technologies, the existential global risks that climate change present as well as fast emerging government policies are creating a new climate economy. What does this mean? The climate economy means companies creating goods and services which drive decarbonatization. Climate will become the new lens through which all activities are viewed and … Continue reading “How Risk, Regulation and Technology are Forging a New Climate Economy”

Quick Guide: The EU Taxonomy on Sustainable Finance & why it is Important

Why Create a Taxonomy? The 2015 Paris Agreement and 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development were created to tackle the major global risk – climate change. But these agreements created a problem. Plans to decarbonise economies had to actually be put into action. So the EU Commission developed the Action Plan for Sustainable Development and then … Continue reading “Quick Guide: The EU Taxonomy on Sustainable Finance & why it is Important”

Corporate Resilience and the Pandemic

My latest article published in ‘PRMIA Intelligent Risk – April, 2021 ‘COVID’s impact on cyber and operational risks looks at how corporate resilience has evolved in the face of a major global pandemic. Covid represented an unprecedented global risk factor and a major test of corporate resilience. The Dragonslayer App matches your personality to different travel experiences … Continue reading “Corporate Resilience and the Pandemic”

Geopolitical Aftershock: Climate Change and Commodities

Food security and the dangers of a hungry population are a major global risk and geopolitical flashpoint. Corn, rice, soy, coffee, copper, iron, nickel, crude oil, natural gas and propane are just a few of commodities traded in huge Supertanker sizes quantities across the world. Commodity trading is worth billions a year and is a … Continue reading “Geopolitical Aftershock: Climate Change and Commodities”

Taking the Long View: Climate Change and the Military

The new US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin has declared that climate change would be recognised as a global risk and a major security threat. The contrast with the Trump administration which ignored climate change or actively took measures to make it worse could not be starker. Recognising the problem is the first step to addressing … Continue reading “Taking the Long View: Climate Change and the Military”

How to Build a Resilient Company

The Covid crisis has exposed widespread weaknesses in companies, countries, and society. The inability to deal with a major pandemic, something which has been widely predicted for many years demonstrates the short-term thinking that pervades much of our thinking and presents a major global risk. Many firms in the hospitality industry, transportation and consumer firms … Continue reading “How to Build a Resilient Company”

The Green Futures Index: How to Rate the World’s Climate Progress

If the world is to hit ambitious climate goals over the next ten years and avoid the worst effects of climate change, we need huge shifts in our economy. This means mass uptake of renewable energy, rapid decarbonization policies and the development of sustainable economies. There are signs this is happening, the pandemic has seen … Continue reading “The Green Futures Index: How to Rate the World’s Climate Progress”


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