How to Build a Resilient Company

The Covid crisis has exposed widespread weaknesses in companies, countries, and society. The inability to deal with a major pandemic, something which has been widely predicted for many years demonstrates the short-term thinking that pervades much of our thinking and presents a major global risk. Many firms in the hospitality industry, transportation and consumer firms … Continue reading “How to Build a Resilient Company”

The Green Futures Index: How to Rate the World’s Climate Progress

If the world is to hit ambitious climate goals over the next ten years and avoid the worst effects of climate change, we need huge shifts in our economy. This means mass uptake of renewable energy, rapid decarbonization policies and the development of sustainable economies. There are signs this is happening, the pandemic has seen … Continue reading “The Green Futures Index: How to Rate the World’s Climate Progress”

Global Risks, Local Risks: The Toxic Legacy of Rare Earth Metals

Below I look at how the mining and extraction of rare earth metals creates environmental, social and geopolitical risks. Deep in the remote western province of Inner Mongolia a vast dark lake is fed by a black toxic sludge trickling from metal pipes. Metal towers rising from countless refineries and coal power stations puncture the … Continue reading “Global Risks, Local Risks: The Toxic Legacy of Rare Earth Metals”

Climate Risk: A New Frontier for the Corporate Sector

For millennia climatic factors have threatened humans. Farmers have been at the mercy of droughts, storms and floods. Harsh climates such as rainforests, deserts and tundra have shaped human development forcing people to move or adapt. The modern world appeared to offer some deliverance from harsh climatic conditions. People can build huge cities in the … Continue reading “Climate Risk: A New Frontier for the Corporate Sector”

The A – Z of Global Risk

All companies and organisations face a host of risks that threaten their strategy, staff, profits and supply chains. Some risks are internal such as talent management (strikes, high turnover), others are external such as market and macro economic risks. Below is a guide to the global risks and the tools such as business continuity which … Continue reading “The A – Z of Global Risk”

Decline and Fall: The Geopolitics of Climate Breakdown

8000 years ago the Sahara region was far greener and wetter, supporting a sizeable population of hunter gatherers and large animals. Over time the region became more arid and prospects dimmed for the people that roamed an increasingly dry interior. These nomads moved to the coast in search of more fertile land and in particular … Continue reading “Decline and Fall: The Geopolitics of Climate Breakdown”

After the Storm: Long term risks in the aftermath of Covid-19

In July Intelligent Risk, a publication of the Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRMIA) published my article on long term risk to the world economy following Covid-19. In March 2020, millions of office workers around the globe packed up their desks and almost overnight became remote workers. They left behind daily train journeys, coffees with colleagues and crowded … Continue reading “After the Storm: Long term risks in the aftermath of Covid-19”

How to Manage Geopolitical Risk

Introduction In this guide I outline the major global and geopolitical risks faced by international organisations and how they can be successfully managed. One of the world’s leading insurance firms Willis Tower Watson labelled geopolitical risk the number one risk corporate risk faced by multi-national companies. From war to climate change to failures of national … Continue reading “How to Manage Geopolitical Risk”

The Fight for Blue Gold: Water and Geopolitical Risk

In June 2020 the Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry warned the UN that Egypt faced an existential threat. That threat and regional geopolitical risk is the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. The construction of the dam threatens to dramatically cut the flow of the Nile to Egypt. Less water reaching Egypt will could ruin the … Continue reading “The Fight for Blue Gold: Water and Geopolitical Risk”

Monitoring Risk from Space: An introduction to Spatial Finance

The global municipal bond market is a worth an amazing US$ 3.8 trillion a year. As one might imagine the owners of these bonds are highly motivated in wanting to protecting their investments. Growing awareness of climate and geopolitical risks in the form of rising sea levels, floods and wildfires and their impact on the … Continue reading “Monitoring Risk from Space: An introduction to Spatial Finance”


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