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Decline and Fall: The Geopolitics of Climate Breakdown

8000 years ago the Sahara region was far greener and wetter, supporting a sizeable population of hunter gatherers and large animals. Over time the region became more arid and prospects dimmed for the people that roamed an increasingly dry interior. These nomads moved to the coast in search of more fertile land and in particular … Continue reading “Decline and Fall: The Geopolitics of Climate Breakdown”

After the Storm: Long term risks in the aftermath of Covid-19

In July Intelligent Risk, a publication of the Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRMIA) published my article on long term risk to the world economy following Covid-19. In March 2020, millions of office workers around the globe packed up their desks and almost overnight became remote workers. They left behind daily train journeys, coffees with colleagues and crowded … Continue reading “After the Storm: Long term risks in the aftermath of Covid-19”

How to Manage Geopolitical Risk

Introduction In this guide I outline the major global and geopolitical risks faced by international organisations and how they can be successfully managed. One of the world’s leading insurance firms Willis Tower Watson labelled geopolitical risk the number one risk corporate risk faced by multi-national companies. From war to climate change to failures of national … Continue reading “How to Manage Geopolitical Risk”

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