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Corporate Resilience and the Pandemic

My latest article published in ‘PRMIA Intelligent Risk – April, 2021 ‘COVID’s impact on cyber and operational risks looks at how corporate resilience has evolved in the face of a major global pandemic. Covid represented an unprecedented global risk factor and a major test of corporate resilience. The Dragonslayer App matches your personality to different travel experiences … Continue reading “Corporate Resilience and the Pandemic”

Geopolitical Aftershock: Climate Change and Commodities

Food security and the dangers of a hungry population are a major global risk and geopolitical flashpoint. Corn, rice, soy, coffee, copper, iron, nickel, crude oil, natural gas and propane are just a few of commodities traded in huge Supertanker sizes quantities across the world. Commodity trading is worth billions a year and is a … Continue reading “Geopolitical Aftershock: Climate Change and Commodities”

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